Our dresses, that's all we had. We fled our country on a plane bound for that city. Spanish Girls searching for something. ForeverOne night, we went to the movies. The heat was suffocating. Someone on the screen urged us: "you should try your luck inland". So we moved on. We wandered through valleys and forests. We crossed the desert, wallowed in the snow and met the oceans, weaving across giant cities and empty towns. We saw everything but found nothing. Looking for our new home, we even knocked on the doors of Jesus. They were locked, so we created our own religion. No pain, no gain. We slept where we could, sometimes tripping over a strange place. We played and were played, in light and in shadows. We had vertigo but we jumped, we floated. We made friends on the road and said goodbye. We got lost and were scared, seeking to escape from the man with a camera. Finally, we reached the other coast, no money left. Conquered in this battle. The twenty seven days were over so we went back. And then it happened. That's how it ended.  [.  .  .]